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Bring The Best To Life, by Ralph Marston, Corcoran Coaching

By Ralph Marston, Corcoran Coaching Be at peace with what has been. That enables you to focus all of your attention and energy into making the best of what can be. Let go of the need to prove you’re right. Instead, concentrate your thoughts and efforts on being your best. Get beyond your worries about  Continue Reading »

90 Day Advance to Success

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”   – Benjamin Franklin   Whatever you are doing right now will affect your business in 90 days.  If you are busy prospecting two hours a day, you will have fantastic results in 90 days.  If you are busy with paperwork and allowing it to consume  Continue Reading »

Straight Talk on Managing Your Leads, by Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching

By Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching Consumers (and I) will tell you that agents have room for improvement when it comes to following up with leads. It honestly boggles my mind. Research clearly shows that consumers work most often with agents who respond first to their inquiries. Why do some Agents struggle to sell five homes  Continue Reading »

Why Some Agents Sell More Than You

With all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, all real estate agents are not created equal.   Now before you get mad at me, hear me out. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that agents are unequal. It’s just the way I see it. For example, if you judge agents by how many houses they  Continue Reading »

Live The Richness, by Ralph Marston, Corcoran Coaching

By Ralph Marston, Corcoran Coaching Stop focusing your thoughts on wanting things, because whatever you want, by definition, you do not have. Instead, put your thoughts, your energy and your efforts into more fully manifesting and enjoying what you already do have, which is everything. When your thoughts are focused on want, those thoughts build  Continue Reading »

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