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Turning Gray Into Green

Playing your cards intelligently means starting with a plan. Do you have one to capture this mouth-watering market? If not, you’ll be missing out on a large real estate cash pot. Start with these three steps to ante up and get in the game: 1. Understand boomers To reach boomers in a productive way, you  Continue Reading »

How to be a Great Agent Every Day

Dennis Conner, the great yachtsman, came be known as Mr. America’s Cup. But he could have just as easily been named Mr. Consistent — he won 28 world championships. Now, think closer to home. Think of a top producing agent or broker you know. If they’re real top producers they’re not known as one-hit wonders.  Continue Reading »

Happy Valentine’s Day

As we all know, Saturday is Valentine’s Day. If you’re just now realizing, it’s my pleasure! It seems this holiday brings out two types of people from us. The kind who fall head over heels for the one’s we love on this day more than others and those of us who brush it off as  Continue Reading »

Crisis Management 101

Have you ever had a crisis in your career? Maybe we should ask how many have you had today? Let’s face it, a great Client Care Coordinator is first and foremost a problem solver, and because of this, the front desk will often become a crisis management center. This center is where all problems arrive  Continue Reading »

Why Most of Your Leads are Dead Before You Even Call Them

Fifteen minutes can be the difference between a deal and no deal If 15 minutes pass before you follow up with a lead, that lead’s vital signs will begin a slow and steady decline. The peaks and valleys of the heart monitor will become less and less pronounced. The silence between the beeps will grow  Continue Reading »

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