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20 Things Not To Do At The Office

Arriving Late Are you so important that you can walk into a meeting twelve minutes late with sweat beading on your forehead and a sandwich in your hand, while eight other people sit there waiting for you? Next time, trust…


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Incentives That Work Like Magic!

Managing an office with administrative staff and the multiple personalities of high-strung sales people is a challenge. The most effective managers have found that the easiest incentive ideas work the best to keep both the administrative staff and agents on…


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6 Rules For a Drama Free Office

Remember in high school when you had to endure trash-talking friends, free-flowing gossip, popularity contests, and exclusive cliques? You were sure that once you found your job in the profession you love, all of that was left behind, right? So,…


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Drive By Marketing

For most agents, the excitement of real estate comes with getting a new listing. After all the effort to get correct market comps, preview the home, negotiate list pricing with sellers and getting all the paperwork signed, most agents are…


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Role Play

Okay, someone in your office has told you that you need to role play Scripts and Dialogues, and you say to yourself, “Oh yeah, I don’t need to do that!”. But in fact, you DO! ONLY YOU DON’T KNOW IT.…


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Deep Thought Time in Your Calendar

Want to make significant strides in your business this year? Most people say they want to do so, but very few make an effort to make it happen for them. There is a secret to making your success happen: Deep…



People Process Product/Service

Management books and courses are full of all sorts of business “Must Do’s and Tips” a Rainmaker should attend to. Many will talk about Product or Service, or Production, or Finance – and these are very essential. Yet, very few…


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Three New Technologies to Increase Your Business

Weiss Insights To be more informed than the competition – Do you remember the Case Shiller Weiss Housing Index? Well the Case Shiller part of the company is now the new Standard and Poor Index (S & P) and…


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Are You Consistently Inconsistent?

One of the biggest challenges we see with agents is that there is only one thing they do consistently: They are consistently inconsistent. When something works, they’ll do it until it doesn’t work quite as well, or they get busy,…


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Welcome to the Wall

There are many reasons entrepreneurs hit The Wall, but regardless of how we get there, every one of us eventually stands in the same place. Tired. Overwhelmed. Discouraged. Unsure of how to move forward. You’re still reading in hopes that…


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Slow and Steady Wins The Race

A REALTOR®’s modern retelling of the Tortoise and The Hare Once upon a time, there was a very successful Real Estate Broker named Rain Maker. Rain was a truly nice person, always professional, and did his best to represent his…


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Don’t ‘Try’ To Be a Leader

True leaders don’t try. To try is to fail. Just by including the word try in any sentence, you are reserving room for failure. This is not a positive outlook. This is not how leaders think or act. At Corcoran…


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Real Estate Career Checklist: Were You Born for This?

No matter what stage you are in your career, use this list to assess whether or not you have the…


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Successful Real Estate Agents Share These Traits

There is no simple recipe on how to become a successful real estate agent. It takes hard work, and always starts with working on you. Taking stock of your character traits requires honesty and courage. In the real estate industry…


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Turning Gray Into Green

Playing your cards intelligently means starting with a plan. Do you have one to capture this mouth-watering market? If not,…



How to be a Great Agent Every Day

Dennis Conner, the great yachtsman, came be known as Mr. America’s Cup. But he could have just as easily been named Mr. Consistent — he won 28 world championships. Now, think closer to home. Think of a top producing agent…



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