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Custom designed for the single agent or agents with a small team

Group Real Estate CoachingAre you a single agent or have a small team and you're tired of the same ole boring Group Coaching programs filled with basic topics, giving you just enough information to get by before upselling you into One-On-One Coaching? If so, you've landed at the right company AND the right page - our Group Coaching Program is packed full of benefits designed to get you implementing strategies to achieve your goals.

The topics covered in our Group Coaching program will truly coach you in every aspect of your business. (You ARE business owners, aren’t you?) By the end of this 6-month Program, your tool box will be filled with every tool you need to compete in today’s real estate environment, scale your business, make more money and achieve work/life balance while serving more families.

If, after completing the program you want to graduate to One-On-One coaching to take your business to an even higher level, then that’s your prerogative and you can do what you want to do – it’s your prerogative! (We don’t endorse his actions, but loved his song)

Forbes - Official Member - Coaches CouncilForbes - Official Member - Real Estate Council

"Without tools, humans would have ended up in the same graveyard as dinosaurs. Instead, we put footprints on the moon. And I have to hand it to real estate agents — they’ve been pretty good at utilizing a variety of tools." - Bubba
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Scotsman Guide Author - The Leading Resource for Mortgage Originators
Scotsman Guide Author - The leading resource for mortgage originators

With the assistance of Corcoran Coaching, my brokerage has grown from 3 to 18 with 12 times the revenue in 3 years.  Their systems and training have been invaluable to me as... more

What's Included in the Program?

  • 12 Recorded Video Sessions
  • 12 Live Webinar Sessions
  • All the Templates, Checklists and Supporting Documentation you need
  • A Dedicated, Seasoned Coach to keep the group accountable and moving towards your goals
  • Access to a Private/Secret Facebook Group for questions, support, group collaboration and networking referral opportunities

What You Can Expect

We are 100% transparent, so below we've provided a list of the topics covered over the next 6-months (other Coaching Companies, please come up with your own material):

  • Business Planning that WORKS
  • Effective Communication - Talk with, not AT people
  • Goal Setting - What are your goals and why do you have them?
  • Structure of a Call & Overcoming Objections
  • CRM's - Which ones, Action Plans and Implementation
  • Community Development and Outreach
  • Branding - How to Stand Above the Crowd
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - Develop programs
  • Marketing Strategies - Text, Social Media, Email and Print
  • Prospecting Power Tools - Make More Money per Hour
  • Open House Revival - Quit Doing Boring Open Houses
  • Mortgage Relationships - Start Getting Referrals from Loan Officers
  • Buyer & Listing Presentations - Tips and Tools
  • Prelisting Packages - Step by Step Process and Documents
  • Lead Management and Sales Training
  • Creating a Referral Pipeline - The Only Lead You Can't Pay For
  • Client Appreciation Events - Examples of Cost-Effective Events
  • Time Management - Maximize Your Dollar Productive Activities
  • Lead Generation Tools - Online, IVR, Dialers, and Drip Campaigns
  • Culture & Core Values - What Do You Stand For and WHY?
  • Building a Team - When It Is Right and How to Do It Right
  • Knowing Your Numbers - P & L, Chart of Accounts and ROI
  • 6-Month Recap or Program and Implementation Strategies

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Now, I want you to think about the value of this program. These are topics that are covered in over 1 year with most coaching companies. We're doing it in 6-months, and providing you with the coaching, tools and resources you need to take your business to the next level!

Your investment is $299 per month for 6 months – that is a little bit more than 1-Starbucks: Iced Quad Venti Mocha, Light Whip and No Ice a day! Invest in you, your business, your career and your family by clicking below and registering today! If you have questions about the Group Coaching program, give us a call at 800.957.8353.

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