Real Estate Performance Coaching

It's not about us. It's about you.

Build your dream. Set your goals. Hire the coaching and consulting team you feel will listen to you, and get you to your goals. Just as a world-class tennis player has to work with a great coach to get them to Wimbledon. 

If you are the CEO and rainmaker of your business, or you are striving to step into that role. You need our real estate coaching and consulting company with our proven track record of success. We can get you to the goals you desire to achieve.

This is the difference we bring to the table. We will not pretend to know the best path for you without an initial consultation, as we want to determine what your precise wants and needs are. We listen to you first.

Hot Buttons

  • Know your numbers – P&L done monthly and reviewed quarterly.
  • Do you know how your agents are doing?
  • Real estate sales training that works.
  • How much is poor time management stealing money out of your pocket?
  • Know if you're lead generation programs are getting you the best ROI.
  • Is your CRM draining you or performing for you?
  • Systems to track if your team is on the right seat on the bus.
  • What opportunities or obstacles are holding you back?
  • How to hire the right person.
  • Are you on track to reach your goals?

Always Know Where You Are

  • Are you wearing too many hats so you can control all aspects of the business?
  • Be free to release control by trusting the systems.
  • Have a vacation where you don't worry about missed opportunities.
  • Be present in the moment with your friends and family and not chained to your phone or laptop.
  • Multiple pillars of business to protect the infrastructure of your business.
  • Create a trustworthy, self-managed and self-disciplined team.
  • Finally step into the CEO/RAINMAKER role of your company with no apologies.

Having a coach helped us lock down a deal in our market area simply because the other agent that referred it is coached by the same person!  The seller chose to go with us... more

The Consultation Phase

The consultation phase of our real estate coaching program is an extensive delve into your entire business. We find what systems you have in place, and what you need to make your dream a reality.

If you have a system in place already producing at a great return, we will celebrate its success and not touch it. We will tweak existing systems not at their fullest capacity to perform at a higher rate.

During the consultatation phase, we will introduce and implement much needed systems to reflect your business. This is about you and what you want, and what we can do to achieve your goals.

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