If you’re going to make it rain in this business, you need a team of rock star-agents – it can’t be done alone.

Our initial advice: outsource the hiring process. That sounds harsh, but consider: every moment you spend on recruiting and hiring is another moment you’re not bringing in business. But, we know outsourcing isn’t always an option, so if you’ve decided to go it alone, keep reading.

Attracting Talent

  1. Determine who you need and why.
    No one just hires to hire. If you don’t need a listing specialist, don’t even entertain speaking to someone with that specialty. Figure out exactly who you need to round your team out and why you need them. For example, admins and assistants are sometimes “nice to have” hires when what your business really needed were more buyer specialists.
  2. Connect on social. Recruit in person.
    Boomers are aging out and retiring. First-time and younger home buyers just aren’t making enough meaningful connections with older agents. You need to draw in some younger blood. Millennials hang out online and you need to be there to connect with them. Make sure your business’s social media presence is strong, but don’t think just being active will win the day. After you make the connection online, set up an in-person meeting so you can bridge that gap.
  3. Offer an attractive compensation model.

    Money talks – you know; I know it. One of the first questions prospective agents should be asking is “What is your compensation model?” Make sure you’re staying competitive – offering the similar commission structures, bonuses/benefits, etc. This is one of the easiest reasons why an otherwise excellent candidate will choose your competition over you.
  4. Test their personalities.

    Understanding who you are hiring can help you better manage their personalities and assign roles best suited for their character. A tool I’ve found extraordinarily useful is the DISC profile systme in which users fall into one of four categories:

    Director – Wants to make money, save time and be efficient
    Interact/Socializer – Likes to have fun, talk to others and avoid details
    Supporter – Seeks security, safety and a sense of belonging
    Careful Thinker – Wants practicality, fairness and a systematic approach

    Understanding each DISC allows you to be a better communicator not only with employees but clients too. No matter what DISC you choose to hire, remember that you’re building a team, and a team is a group of individuals working toward the same goal. All types of DISCs can be an asset to the team as long as they are assigned the right role.
  5. Don’t rush the process.

    At the end of the day, it’s your team. Never forget that. There is no such thing as a bad employee – only a bad hire. Whether you’re hiring salespeople or administrative staff, DO NOT rush the hiring process. If you hire out of desperation, you’ll end up deeper in the hold fixing a bad hire. Recruit and attract the best and hire with care.

Hiring isn’t easy and should be handled slowly, carefully and with a heavy dose of objectivity. For more information on attracting the right talent and managing multiple personalities, check out our real estate coaching programs. We have programs designed specifically for you and your entire team of talented yet diverse agents.