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Don’t ‘Try’ To Be a Leader

True leaders don’t try. To try is to fail. Just by including the word try in any sentence, you are reserving room for failure. This is not a positive outlook. This is not how leaders think or act. At Corcoran…


Agent Success Tip

Real Estate Career Checklist: Were You Born for This?

No matter what stage you are in your career, use this list to assess whether or not you have the…


Agent Success Tip

Successful Real Estate Agents Share These Traits

There is no simple recipe on how to become a successful real estate agent. It takes hard work, and always starts with working on you. Taking stock of your character traits requires honesty and courage. In the real estate industry…


Agent Success Tip

Turning Gray Into Green

Playing your cards intelligently means starting with a plan. Do you have one to capture this mouth-watering market? If not,…



How to be a Great Agent Every Day

Dennis Conner, the great yachtsman, came be known as Mr. America’s Cup. But he could have just as easily been named Mr. Consistent — he won 28 world championships. Now, think closer to home. Think of a top producing agent…



Happy Valentine’s Day

As we all know, Saturday is Valentine’s Day. If you’re just now realizing, it’s my pleasure! It seems this holiday brings out two types of people from us. The kind who fall head over heels for the one’s we love…



Crisis Management 101

Have you ever had a crisis in your career? Maybe we should ask how many have you had today? Let’s face it, a great Client Care Coordinator is first and foremost a problem solver, and because of this, the front…



Why Most of Your Leads are Dead Before You Even Call Them

Fifteen minutes can be the difference between a deal and no deal If 15 minutes pass before you follow up with a lead, that lead’s vital signs will begin a slow and steady decline. The peaks and valleys of the…




Have you ever thought about adding a p.s. to your email signature? P.S. If you should know anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate, please do two things: First: Tell them about ABC Real Estate, and, Second: Hit the…



Recruiting the Right People for the Right Job

Agents perform four tasks that are dollar-producing: list, prospect, sell and negotiate. The rest is non-dollar producing activities. Everything you do outside these four items is not a good use of your time, time that could be spent taking your…



Change Your Mindset and Thrive in Your Business This Year

The secret to success in real estate – and in life – is much closer than many of us realize: it’s right inside our head. During my years of helping REALTORS®, I’ve found three distinctions that separate the successful from…



Do I Have the Right Administrative Team?

Do you have the right people to get it done? The thing that keeps CEO’s awake at night most often is figuring out how to cover the group’s responsibilities with the resources available. Some people are broadly skilled; some are…


Tip Of The Week

Happy New Year!

Your Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Team would like to thank you for helping us make 2014 an amazing year! The support we have received from you, our clients and followers has been very appreciated. We have experienced some of the…



A Chance to Improve

By Corcoran Coaching Don’t see it as a problem. See it as a chance to improve. You can always learn from where you are, whether it is where you want to be or not. You can always learn from what you…


Tip Of The Week

Merry Christmas!

The Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you a very Merry Christmas! May you enjoy your holiday season filled with good friends and family. Make a Commitment: Take this time…



Happy Holidays From Corcoran Coaching

We wish you health, comfort, and prosperity this holiday season. Season’s Greetings. The Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Team “Our Systems Are Your Solution” Corcoran Coaching is an international consulting and coaching company specializing in performance coaching and the implementation of…



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