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Solopreneur to Entrepreneur Performance Systems - STEPS Coaching takes you from one level to the next.

The STEPS Coaching Program is the answer to an unanswered question in the Real Estate industry; the long-overdue solution to a long-standing problem: how to transition efficiently and successfully from being a Single Agent "Solopreneur" with lots of ambition, but little support, to the CEO and Rainmaker of a profitable and growing team-based enterprise.

Forbes - Official Member - Coaches CouncilForbes - Official Member - Real Estate Council

"Without tools, humans would have ended up in the same graveyard as dinosaurs. Instead, we put footprints on the moon. And I have to hand it to real estate agents — they’ve been pretty good at utilizing a variety of tools." - Bubba
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Scotsman Guide Author - The Leading Resource for Mortgage Originators
Scotsman Guide Author - The leading resource for mortgage originators

STEPS Coaching is the missing link in the Real Estate industry.

There are plenty of coaching companies for Solopreneurs and we at Corcoran Consulting & Coaching have led the industry with our team-centered coaching programs.  However, there is an undeniable gap between these two platforms, a distinct lack of resources offered to Single Agents who desire more. These determined agents often find themselves hindered by what seems to be an impassable gap between the measure of success they have attained, and the great possibilities they still see ahead of them.

Many factors can contribute to this widening divide:

STEPS Coaching is now in place to bridge that gap.

STEPS Coaching is the only program in the industry that focuses on the Single Agent with the express purpose of bridging the gap between their existing business model and the larger goals they envision for their future and the future of their company.

For more than 25 years, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching has specialized in Team Coaching programs, and has dominated this sector of the industry by helping our clients win more than 100 awards (by team ranking) in the Top 250 Teams as published by the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends Magazine.  Our success in this area is largely due to the fact that, while coaching the Rainmaker on how to become the CEO of their business, we also work with their growing team of agents to cultivate an environment for success and increase production capacity, which in turn makes the Team/Franchise/Independent Brokerage more profitable.

We have now developed a program designed specifically for the Single Agent that aspires to build a team, and made it reasonably priced to accommodate the financial constraints often inherent with being a Single Agent.  By focusing on Immediate Sales Growth Strategies during Phase One of the program, the foundation is laid to then transition seamlessly to a specialty coach that will work with you on team building, hiring, and growth strategies in Phase Two.

STEPS Coaching offers a way to close the divide between the Single Agent and building a Team.

STEPS Coaching provides an accessible, affordable path to transition from Solopreneur to Entrepeneur, from one level to the next. Finally, there is a solution within reach that allows a Single Agent to obtain coaching from a world-renowned coaching company, at a reasonable price, with the purpose of increasing net worth by building a team, creating financial freedom, and allowing space for the work-life balance we each deserve.

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