Weiss Insights

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Do you remember the Case Shiller Weiss Housing Index? Well the Case Shiller part of the company is now the new Standard and Poor Index (S & P) and Mr. Weiss has been developing technology with analytics that Realtors can use for Unique Data Points and Property Pricing Characteristics.

This data is awesome. It shows never before seen trends in market prices, often showing waves of value changes moving across a geographic area, like a weather event. You can do house level reports all the way up to metro market data with Weiss Maps.

After reviewing this technology, it is now an approved Preferred Vendor of Corcoran Consulting. This tool in your hand will help Sellers determine the true sales prices and help Realtors sell homes faster and more accurately. Data is also great for buyers, when you can see the Metro Market (MSA) with Weiss Maps, which will give the buyers a visual preview of markets to motivate them to buy sooner than later – which we all need with selective buyers.

Homebuyer Benefits Program

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Homebuyer Benefits helps families remove the stress and hassle of moving into their new house (like moving over 4 tons of items!), setting up utilities, and handling simple repairs of handyman services. With a free 24/7 live Concierge, along with valuable discounts, everyone homeowner would appreciate the head start that you, as a trusted advisor, provides!

  • $200 credit in handyman services (8 coupons – $25 each)
  • 100% complete moving assistance
  • Guidance for your improvement, maintenance, and repair projects
  • Powered by a national network of over 3M vetted and registered home improvement professionals.
  • Available with the Agent’s name, picture, and branding in a compelling app (see a sample HERE)

The Homebuyer Benefits offer has ZERO cost or commitment. There is absolutely no charge in using this program and no membership time required. Move with less hassel, get help with your move checklist and leverage your $200 in credits for services such as:

  • Hire Movers
  • Re-Key Locks
  • Add Security
  • Hang a TV
  • Set up Cable
  • Change Utilities
  • Schedule Repairs / Improvements
  • Install Internet

Inspected Houses

Pre-Listing Inspections Portal powered by Home123 – http://www.inspectedhouses.com/

InspectedHouses.com was created to help Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, and Inspectors have happier and less stressful real estate transactions. Pre-Listing (or Pre-Offer) Home Inspections, made available to potential buyers, are not only good for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process, but it also provides an opportunity for Realtors to received Potential Buyer Leads for free.

The benefits include:

  1. When potential buyers purchase a home inspection, the selling agent gets the information on every interested buyer, whether they are represented by an agent, and whomever paid for the inspection gets the inspection report fee to reimburse the upfront inspection costs.
  2. Worry less about deals falling through due to unknown problems found during home inspections, know about deficiencies prior to listing the house so you are not blindsided by unforeseen costs and unexpected repairs.
  3. The Pre-Listing inspection program can help agents get more listings, get more buyers, and increase the chance of representing both buyers and sellers.
  4. When Pre-Listing Home Inspections can be viewed, then buyers will have some upfront information about the condition of the house and this can help buyers make more informed home buying decisions

In today’s market, having a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the only way to take market share. There are so many Realtors and Brokerages doing the same thing over and over again. At Corcoran Consulting and Coaching, we help our client create several marketing programs, such as Love It or Leave It, Guaranteed Sale, Guaranteed Lease, and W.I.S.E. (acronym for Warranted, Inspected, Staged, Evaluated).

With the W.I.S.E. program, if you were a consumer and have narrowed it down to 3 houses to make an offer on, which one would you buy? The one with a home Warranty (by the way, Home Warranty of America offers a 13-month warranty), Inspection already done and proof of any items that didn’t pass, Staged to show the highest value or the house and Evaluated (by either a paid appraisal or extended CMA)? Again, perceived value will always win with the consumer!

Now the value of pre-inspected houses for you the Realtor and your seller is: There is no argument about condition (the #1 reason why buyers give low-ball offers), and the with the Evaluation from Weiss Analytics, there is no longer a reason for a price reduction – actually, you could list the house for $251,456.13 because you have proof all the way down to the penny. If you were a seller, it is cheaper to buy Warranty, Inspection and Appraisal up front, than it is to do a price reduction.

This article should open your eyes to options that you have available at your disposal, but might not have heard of them in the past. For more information on the Weiss, Homebuyer Program or Pre-Inspected Homes get in touch with Sherri Gruber at Sherri.Gruber@home123.com. For more information about Home Warranty of America’s amazing 13-month warranty, you can email Molly Stewart at mstewart@hwahomewarranty.com.

Everyone have an amazing rest of the year and don’t forget: “I’ll Be Me and You Be You” – Be your authentic and geniune self!