Real Estate Coaching Programs

Create. Accelerate. Dominate.

Harness the power of Performance Coaching by Corcoran to work in your business, and your life.

As your real estate coach, we will bring your real estate goals and aspirations to the forefront. We will help you develop the business you have dreamed and yearned for.

You are at the helm of your business. You determine what position and role to take in your company. As your real estate coach, we will work together to develop a team that supports you, and your vision. Every member of your team has strengths. We want to discover and celebrate these strengths in order to turn your business into a profit machine.

Bring out the successful CEO in you by starting right now.

Scratching Only the Surface

  • Real estate sales training
  • 24 1:1 private coaching calls
  • Just in Time coaching
  • Systems overviews & implementation
  • Hiring assistance & onboarding
  • Quarterly P&L reviews
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Work-life balance
  • Multiple pillars of business
  • Exit strategies
  • Lead generation/conversion

Private Coaching

This program works with you in developing the business model that you have in mind, touching every part from A to Z.

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Agent Fast Track program

Agent Fast Track

Secure the basics with private coaching on lead generation, lead management and time management.

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Agent Ramp Up program

Agent Ramp Up

Eight weeks of sound training in a group setting to strengthen your business practices.

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Corcoran Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Learn from industry veterans on all of the best practices to grow your business right where you are.

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