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Book a Private Event with Corcoran Consulting & CoachingContact us when you are ready to sharpen the skills of your team and enhance the systems of your company. We will customize a BootCamp that's specifically designed to your unique business environment. 

When we begin discussions on what training you might be seeking, we will start looking at dates for an event at your office, or in your market.

We will do extensive training on anything you feel is necessary to assist in reaching your goals. The following are the many subjects we can present to your team: prospecting with intent, time management, work-life balance, scripts to dialogue, overcoming objections, asking for referrals, safety in the work environment and becoming the CEO of their own business.

For brokerages with a lot of agents, we offer a two-day intensive BootCamp on fine-tuning an agent's skills. Contact us to let us know specifically what you want our training to impart to your agents. 

Among the topics open for sharing:

This is your opportunity to create precisely what you are looking for.

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