For most agents, the excitement of real estate comes with getting a new listing. After all the effort to get correct market comps, preview the home, negotiate list pricing with sellers and getting all the paperwork signed, most agents are simply relieved to get it posted to the MLS. However, what they’re missing is a basic tenant of real estate: Real estate is an emotional business!

Often, agents think real estate is just about buying and selling, and getting people in and out of houses. In part, that’s true, but if you’re not tapping into the emotional quotient of the buyer, you’re missing opportunity.

Let’s take, for example, getting the property prepared so that buyers will enter it in a positive state of mind. Most agents know about staging the inside of a home by adding or removing furniture and fixtures, lighting, plants or window treatments, but what about the exterior of the property?

Before taking the listing, look at the property from the street and determine what will be needed to make the home feel inviting to a prospective buyer, whether they are viewing the property online or pulling up to the property. Having great curb appeal elicits a positive emotion about the home right from the start.

Just as you would stage the inside of the home, you’ll want to have a conversation with your home seller about staging the exterior of the home. Make sure there’s no clutter around the property, weeds are pulled, and the lawn is maintained. Is there a porch on the property that could use some staging with furniture or some decorative flowers? If there’s a flower bed, make sure there’s fresh mulch, and if needed, purchase some small flowers to plant. Does the house trim or shutters need touched up with paint? It goes without saying the windows should be washed and sparkling, and if there are screens that need repaired, speak to your seller about getting that done.

A fresh, inviting look says the home owner has pride in the property and has maintained it well, inspiring confidence in the home buyer. Details matter, and providing a positive first glimpse of the home not only stirs emotion in the home buyer, but provides opportunity to command the highest price for the property. Without it, the home won’t stand out among the competition, and you run the risk of having buyers leave without even seeing the inside of the home.

Ron Alpert
Coach and Business Consultant