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‘Twas the Tip Before Christmas

It has never been, nor will it ever be, all about you.   As we review our goals achieved, our goals missed, and our plans for the next year, how much of our attention has solely been focused on ourselves?…



See the Goal, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching See the goal clearly and you make it less distant. See the goal passionately and you make it more real. See the goal in rich detail and you’ll figure out how you can get there. See the…


Tip Of The Week

Why Some Agents Sell More Than You

With all due respect to Abraham Lincoln, all real estate agents are not created equal.   Now before you get mad at me, hear me out. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that agents are unequal. It’s just the…



Value in the Doing, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching The reward is rewarding because you have earned it. It is the work that goes into the planting and cultivation that makes the harvest worth celebrating. Your effort is what makes your opportunities come to life. Fulfillment has…


Tip Of The Week

Be Amazed, by Corcoan Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching Don’t be ashamed to be amazed. Life is wondrous and amazing, so let yourself experience that amazement to its fullest extent. Even the most ordinary aspects of your life are really quite amazing. Think about the amazing…


Tip Of The Week

Happy Thanksgiving!

May the beauty of the Thanksgiving season touch your heart, renew your faith, and refresh your spirit.   Happy Thanksgiving from the Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Team



See the Beauty, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching Look, really look, at how beautiful this day is. Let go of the worries and anxieties and judgments, and see the beauty. Step back from the confusion, and see the beauty. Rise above the petty conflicts, and…


Tip Of The Week

10 Tips to Create Your Best Year Ever

Visualize your perfect year right now. Ignore the committee in your head if they start in about being reasonable or knowing how. A big goal that excites you in its possibility can be achieved and is more likely to be…



The Power of Joy, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching To have joy in your life, give joy to your world. Live joy as each moment comes. Don’t postpone the joy until conditions are perfect. Every experience is an experience to which you can add joy. Feel…


Tip Of The Week

How to Convert More Prospects into Clients

Track your conversion rate. Most agents have no idea what their conversion rate is. Can you picture Tiger Woods not knowing what par is on any given hole he is playing? For real estate professionals like you, it is the…



Getting Ahead, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching To get ahead, work ahead. To enjoy bigger rewards later, make an extra effort now. When you’ve already done what must be done, take the opportunity to do more. When you’re on a roll creating value, keep…


Tip Of The Week

Fall Back

No we’re not asking you to fall back in your business! Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday November 2nd.   Have you taken this opportunity to make an extra touch to your clients and past…



All the Details, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching If you wish to achieve a great and ambitious vision, you have to be willing to fill in all the little details. Though they may seem terribly tedious at times, those details are what give substance to…


Tip Of The Week

You Make a Difference, by Corcoan Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching What you do makes a difference. It may not seem like much, but it is. What you do has an influence that goes far beyond you. What you do is an important part of the fabric of…


Tip Of The Week

Only Time Will “Sell”

Top Dollar-Producing Activities for Agents   “I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” – Shakespeare   Two thousand three-hundred hours. If you’re a typical agent, that’s how many hours you’ll work this year, according to NAR.  That’s a…



With Persistence, by Corcoran Coaching

By Corcoran Coaching Persist, and small actions lead to big results. Persist, and you make time work in your favor. If you give up after the first or second attempt, your level of success will be mediocre at best. When…


Tip Of The Week

Begin Your Journey to Success

Have you reached a place in your real estate career where you are ready for the next level? Do you seek guidance and advice from someone that has been where you are and where you want to take your business? Are you ready to build your dream business, not someone else’s model? Please fill out our Journey to Success form to learn more about how Corcoran Consulting and Coaching can help you reach the level of Success that YOU want in your business. One of our Business Consultants will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute Free Business Consultation to go over your needs. We will discuss where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go? We will help you put together a blueprint of the SUCCESS story you want to build and show you how Corcoran can help you achieve it.

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