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Have You Ever Wished That You Had More People to Call?

Have you ever wished that you had more people to call? Did you just get an internet lead with no phone number? One of our clients uses this e-mail to add a touch and more importantly, track down phone numbers…


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Using a Virtual Assistant for Prospecting

There are numerous prospecting tools or lead generating avenues available to agents and the numbers are growing every day. The question asked the most is, “Which one gets the best results?” The answer is always the same, “All of them…


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Picking the Ripe Apple – Timing Is Key When Tracking Expired Listings

Here’s the scenario – you’re checking the MLS hot sheet for expired listings…it’s a good day. There are more than 30 results showing up. You grab the phone and start dialing for dollars. It’s a scene in thousands of real…


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Manipulating vs. Negotiating: One Can Kill Your Business

Every day all across the country, many real estate agents are dying a slow death. What’s worse, they’re sticking the stake through their own hearts one millimeter at a time. A long, slow, painful death. And what’s even more incredible:…


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Develop More Knowledge at the CEO Summit and REO BootCamp! Register TODAY Before Early Bird Pricing Ends May 15, 2012!

Corcoran Coaching & Consulting is presenting two exceptional events that will give real estate professionals the opportunity to build the knowledge needed to capitalize on emerging trends in the REO market segment and to power your real estate firm forward…


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Corcoran Consulting & Coaching to Host Two Realtor Training Events in Las Vegas, June 27-29

Corcoran Consulting & Coaching is offering the CEO Summit on June 27, and the REOBootCamp on June 28-29 at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Corcoran Consulting & Coaching is offering the CEO Summit on June 27…


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Season's Greetings

We wish you health, comfort, and prosperity this holiday season. Season's Greetings. The Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Team “Our Systems Are Your Solution”


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How Rainmakers Can (and Must) Keep An Eye on Their Bottom Line “If you don’t watch your money, someone else will.” Anonymous The bottom line is – to stay in the real estate industry today, you have to operate like…


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Get a Listing from Everyone You Meet

As business coaches in the world of real estate, we are often asked, “How can agents better differentiate themselves during a networking event when other agents are present”? In other words, most agents shine during a listing presentation, when all…


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May the beauty of the Thanksgiving season touch your heart, renew your faith, and refresh your spirit. Happy Thanksgiving from The Corcoran Consulting & Coaching Team “Our Systems Are Your Solution”


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In 2008, Congress enacted a $7500 tax credit designed to be an incentive for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home. The credit was designed as a mechanism to decrease the over-supply of homes for sale. For 2009, Congress has increased…


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Begin Your Journey to Success

Have you reached a place in your real estate career where you are ready for the next level? Do you seek guidance and advice from someone that has been where you are and where you want to take your business? Are you ready to build your dream business, not someone else’s model? Please fill out our Journey to Success form to learn more about how Corcoran Consulting and Coaching can help you reach the level of Success that YOU want in your business. One of our Business Consultants will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute Free Business Consultation to go over your needs. We will discuss where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go? We will help you put together a blueprint of the SUCCESS story you want to build and show you how Corcoran can help you achieve it.

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