Now that you’ve taken the big step into social media and set up a Facebook account, what do you do with it and how do you make it benefit your business?

Well, first things first.  Make sure you set up your profile so that it portrays the image you want your clients and your prospects to see.  There shouldn’t be any photos that are compromising –for example, nothing showing you with a drink in your hand or dressed overly suggestively – because that doesn’t convey the image of a professional.  The language you use on your posts should be clean and grammatically correct.  If you are going to invite clients and prospects (and really, isn’t everybody you know a prospect, or at least a referral source?), you shouldn’t post every thought you have just so you’re posting something.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your Facebook page.  If every single thing you ever post is only about marketing your skills as a real estate professional, those who you have friended will be looking to un-friend you pretty quickly.  Remember that balance is a great thing – tell people excitedly about your new listing, share your clients’ endorsements and videos of happy clients telling why they loved working with you, but also share the great restaurant you visited, some (politically correct) photos of what you do in your off time, and even photos of you with your family and friends.  Want your Facebook friends to really respect your knowledge base?  Share an occasional article about what is going on in the market, and check in when you go to educational events.

Your news feed – the page that shows what all the people who you have friended and all the pages you have liked – is a great place to make sure your name and your reputation as a real estate professional get spread.  If a friend posts something you appreciate, hit the like button.  Now all your friends’ friends see you.  Word gets out.  Ask your friends to like your postings, so their friends see your listings.

Make sure you join networking pages and mastermind pages on Facebook – and participate!  It’s a great way to make new contacts and build the number of Facebook friends you have.  Remember, every time you post on Facebook, it goes to your timeline and to the news feed of all your contacts.  And when they comment on it, it goes on the news feed of everybody they know.  One of my clients recently sent me an email telling me that she got a listing because of a listing she posted on Facebook, a friend of hers liking the posting, and a friend of that person reaching out to her when they saw the like.  Talk about free marketing!