Every successful company is built on pillars of business. In real estate your company can and should have streams of revenue such as traditional sales, short sales, REO and property management. By developing all of your revenue streams you will be able to thrive in any market. Now let’s talk about the pillars of business that your organization needs to build upon:

People: hiring the right people is key to your survival, your team is your number one asset to build and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction that will bring your referral business.

Planning: you must have a plan. Without a solid plan for success you have already planned for failure.

Process and Procedures: You need to have written processes and procedures for every facet of your business from hiring right to becoming number one in your market, it is all a process. Take the time to prepare written process and procedures.

Tracking Your Performance: Every successful business person knows their numbers, they know what it takes to create a sale and the value of that sale.

Your Bottom Line: You are in business to be profitable, are you doing what you need to do to stay within your budgets, track your expenses. Do you have an accountability partner to help keep you on track?

By implementing your revenue streams and building a strong organization by holding yourself and your team accountable to your pillars, you will be successful!!