Anyone in Real Estate Sales has heard objections: “I need to sleep on it”; “I have a relative in the business” or “I have to sell my house first”. These are just a few of the many objections we hear, day in and day out, when the client, or prospect, is not ready to say yes. To be successful in real estate sales, we need to be able to overcome objections, because most times the objections simply get in the way of the client getting what they really want.

In order to overcome objections, we have to know what the client’s needs are first; this is done with a skillful needs analysis, either over the phone or at the office. Next we need to make sure we understand the reason for the objection. We do this by repeating the objection to acknowledge it and make sure we understand it; then we ask a clarifying question such as: “Why do you ask?” or “Why is that important to you?”.

Sometimes the objection is not even real, and when pressed, the client will admit it isn’t really important and we can move on . If their objection is real, then we re-state what they want, in other words , what their goal is, and remind them why what they are objecting to will prevent them from getting what they want. Then we re-confirm what they want and move on to the rest of the discussion.

The key to success is focusing on the client’s needs and how we can help them achieve them. Then every time they throw an objection at us, we re-affirm their needs, how the objection will interfere, and get them re-focused on their goals. Coming from contribution and putting the client’s needs first will help you overcome their objections and help you both get what you want!


Jeff Young, a Coach with Corcoran Consulting and Coaching, specializes in Lead Conversion, Overcoming Objections and Getting the Deal Done