Learn How Top-performing Real Estate Professionals Found Success

“ If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton

If you polled a large number of successful business people and asked to what they attribute their success, most would share they have or had a Mentor. The definition of mentor is “an advisor” or “to advise or train (someone). Sir Isaac Newton acknowledges that his accomplishments were the result of the efforts and successes of those that preceded him.

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty International, the largest real estate company in the United States, points out that “Success leaves clues.” If we want to be successful, we simply have to find someone that is more successful than we are, and imitate what they are doing.

There are three types of mentor relationship; each requires a different level of commitment and would be expected to produce different levels of success. The first would be a short term mentor relationship. For example, I could find the top producing real estate agent in my city, perhaps on the opposite side of town, that would not consider me to be direct competition. I would contact him or her and let them know that I have been following  and admire their success and that I would appreciate it greatly if they would allow me to shadow them for a day.  In one day I could see the systems, scripts and dialogues and behavior that contribute to this persons success. Then, by implementing  what I saw and learned, I should see some growth in my skills and my business.

The second type of mentor relationship that requires more of a commitment and should generate greater results would be to expand that relationship to meeting once a quarter or once a month. Imagine shadowing and mentoring with an industry leader every month and where your business would be one year later!

At a recent real estate conference, I attended a panel discussion on how to grow your real estate business. The panel consisted of top agents from around the country that had sold from over 100 homes per year to an amazing 481 homes per year. When asked “What is the one thing to which you most attribute your success?” the agent replied “My Coach”. It is no surprise that sports teams and athletes have coaches; what may not be so obvious is there are Coaches that coach business people and specifically Real Estate Professionals.

The mentoring relationship that requires the greatest commitment of time and money and that will produce the greatest results is a Professional Real Estate Coach. A Coach will have the benefit of mentoring many successful agents at the same time and will have the systems and tools that are most effective. The greatest benefit of having a Coach is Accountability! If holding ourselves accountable was easy, we would all be more successful. In addition to teaching us how to do things better, our Coaches responsibility is to hold us Accountable to the commitments we have made.

So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level, find a Mentor. And if you are serious about your long term growth and success, hire a Coach!



Jeff Young, Coach at Corcoran Consulting and Coaching is an active real estate agent specializing in helping Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate Agents achieve their goals through effective communication.