“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

– Mahatma Gandhi


Are you developing the skills necessary to be a successful agent in the next century?  Embrace ongoing relationships with your clients.  Build your networks and constantly add value.


1.            Be an agent who makes the client a hero.


2.            Call your past clients every 3 months to ask if they’re having any problems or challenges that you can address and help them solve.


3.            Keep your clients informed about upgrades to your programs and systems.


4.            Educate your client on making the most of your service.


5.            Do the unexpected, again and again. Value added is the key.


6.            Create a “Very Important Person (VIP)” client-only group that gets extra things such as autographed books, audiotapes or fun seasonal gifts.  Make being a part of the group something of special value.


7.            Use high tech, low tech and no tech methods to keep your name in front of your clients.  After all, they are the ones who will bring you the business.


8.            Don’t just sell your customers…seek to serve them.


9.            Be a resource and a matchmaker for your clients.


10.          Add value to your customers’ use of your systems or service and you will see them become your advocates.


Make A Commitment: I will Create Raving Fans! 

Deadline: _________