The reasons you call the agent who showed your house are:


  1. To jog the agent’s memory about the house so that you may be able to get a second showing.
  2. To answer any questions or concerns that the buyer expressed so that the house will be reconsidered.
  3. To get the impressions of the buyers or agents that might help you to better market the house.

Note: Don’t expect agents to give a full critique of the house. If they showed 15 houses, they honestly may not remember it in detail. If an agent doesn’t call you back, it means the buyers are not interested.


Interpreting Feedback

When An Agent Says: The Agent Means:


  • They say: “The Buyer thought the house was too small.” “The Buyer found larger homes for the same price.”  They mean: “They liked it but bought another one.” “They found other houses that were better values.”
  • They say: “They liked the house but bought a new home.” They mean: “Buyers will pay 10-15% more for a new house.”
  • They say: “They didn’t like the carpet.”   They mean: “Seller should replace carpet because of age or color.”
  • They say: “They thought the yard was too small, the street too busy…” They mean: “They found other homes with larger yards and quieter streets.”
  • They say: “They didn’t like the floor plan.” They mean: “They didn’t like the floor plan.”


Price objections are always clothed in different terms.

Make A Commitment: I will call the agents that are showing my homes.

Deadline: _________