Sometimes I really wonder if people listen at all.  Have you ever explained something to someone and thought 5 minutes later…they just didn’t get a thing you said???


As a company owner, mentor, manager and coach I have run into this so many times I cannot count!  Fortunately, I DO listen.  Fortunately also, I have learned from people over the years who are a lot smarter than I!


People learn differently.  It seems like a simple concept…but it can be difficult to master from the teacher’s perspective.  As you know, teachers each teach a certain way, which means all the students of a teacher may not be able to learn from that teach the same things if the students each learn differently…hmmmm.


I think there is a movie from the 80’s that said…and so the master becomes the student (or vice versa).  In order to teach someone something, first you must learn how they learn.


Some people learn from hearing, some from touching, some from seeing.  You have met all of these people.  Those you can sit in lectures and grasp the concept, those who need to read the book themselves before they observe anything, and those who must do the experiment themselves before the lesson really sinks in to their cerebral sponge.


Once you learn someone’s learning technique, you can stop repeating yourself, and maybe put a few less noggin dents in the ole wall.  Have fun!  I look forward to hearing how it goes!


Wendy Harris is the Broker Owner of Team Harris Real Estate and a Business Consultant and Coach for Corcoran Consulting & Coaching specializing in residential real estate and property management.