I bought a dog.  At first I wanted to rescue a dog, I even put in applications and was approved to adopt from a couple of breed rescue facilities.  However, my circumstances changed and I was put in a position that I need a specially trained dog.


Therefore, I bought a dog.  All the normal things that go along with buying a dog happened.  I took ownership of the dog and I bought all the supplies.  I interviewed vets and chose one.


I have bought dogs before, and usually there is the get to know each other phase followed by training, sometimes with professionals, and the setting or rules and boundaries.


This particular dog was sold to me under the condition of continued training to make sure that the relationship with the dog achieved it highest possible level.  I agreed to these terms.


I am called monthly by the facility that provided me with my dog, I have monthly training with my dog, and a year into our relationship they are still checking on me…and on my dog.  I still get calls (seemingly out of the blue), asking how things are going, habitats that are forming, boundaries that may be getting tested.  There is always the offer for help with anything.  Although the purchase of my dog was a business transaction for this facility, they have left no doubt they far beyond the transaction itself.


I received a call from them while I was at a real estate conference and it made me think about my own clients.  How often do we as real estate agents reach out to our clients?  How often do we ask them if they are having any challenges we can help solve?  How often do we show them that they are more than just a business transaction to us?


So yes, I bought a dog…a dog that is reminding me daily to be more to my clients!


Wendy Harris is the Broker Owner of Team Harris Real Estate and a Business Consultant and Coach for Corcoran Consulting & Coaching specializing in residential real estate and property management.