We live in the information age.  Today’s consumer has more information available to them then ever before.  They also are researchers and will search for information that is not readily available.


In real estate in particular, there are hundreds of websites that will provide any person with factual real estate data, and then there are still hundreds of other websites and thousands of blogs that will offer opinions on real estate.


The more you focus on a particular market or area, the amount of information reduces from completely unfathomable to simply overwhelming!


So what’s the point?  What value do Realtors provide if all of this information is out there?  Realtors are the interpreters.  They are the experts in the field and area, who sort through the information, determine which pieces are applicable and how it all affects their local market, short term and long term.  Realtors are part sales people, part economist, part investment advisors, part decorators, and parts of lots of other things given any particular scenario…


Given that real estate is the largest investment most people will make in their lives, it is not enough just to have information.  Information on it’s own is just trivia until it starts being linked, related, and interpreted.  Only at this point does information become useful and applicable.


Consumers…demand a higher level of involvement from you Realtors.  Realtors, be that trusted advisor for you client.


Wendy Harris is the Broker Owner of Team Harris Real Estate and a Business Consultant and Coach for Corcoran Consulting & Coaching specializing in residential real estate and property management.