No I’m not going to push you to register for one of our amazing BootCamps or sell you on one of our many programs.  The opportunity approaching is July 4th, our Independence Day.

So many of us let opportunities go by without even realizing it.  We’ve all heard of ways to reach out to our clients during the holidays.  Thanksgiving pies, pcitures with Santa during Christmas time, and Easter egg hunts.  But what about Independence Day?

If you want to build your brand and become more well known in your community you need to reach out to the community.  How about a BBQ for your Sphere of Influence?  What about a visit to local veterans?  Not only are you feeding the natural desire in all of us for servanthood, you’re bettering your community and getting your name out there.

Let your local media know.  Newspapers, news stations, and radio.  Most of the time you can do this cheaply thru donations from local businesses.  It is amazing the kind of traffic you’ll drive to your business.

But let’s not lose the meaning of the day.  Whether it’s for your business or not, take the time to remember those who have died to give us our freedoms we generally take for granted.  Almost everyone has family or friends who were military members or knows someone who does.  Let’s not forget the brave souls that gave us the opportunity to have the dreams and businesses we want.

Make a Commitment: Develop a community outreach program by: __________