The secret to success in real estate – and in life – is much closer than many of us realize: it’s right inside our head.

During my years of helping REALTORS®, I’ve found three distinctions that separate the successful from those who constantly yearn. It’s based on attitude. And the good news is, by shifting your mindset, you can see dramatic results.

Connecting vs. Impressing
Take a look at how you approach prospective clients with your demeanor, your marketing and your attitude. Are you trying to impress them with your knowledge and experience? If so, they’ll see you as one of those scary, pushy salespeople.

But, if you’re showing a true interest in their needs and problems, you’ll begin to connect and build trust. There’s a world of difference between the old and new style of marketing. The old focuses on the agent. New is relationship-based. Consumers want someone to trust, someone to listen and someone to discover their needs.

My clients often think if they just improve their closing skills, they’ll be more effective. But the truth is, they’re working so hard at proving how great they are, they end up turning off prospects because they fail to connect.

Relax, listen and connect with your clients.

Abundance vs. Scarcity
One attitude I’ve seen over and over again in my consulting business is what I call the “scarcity mindset.” The premise goes like this: business opportunities are limited, so I have to work with every prospect who comes my way.

Listen up. Stop working with the jerks. Life is too short. The scarcity mindset causes horrible decisions. If people have needs you can’t address, don’t try. If someone wants commercial property, farmland, or a house outside your area, refer them to another agent who’s qualified to help them. I guarantee it will be the highest dollar per hour you’ll make and the client will be better served.

Believe there’s plenty of business. So get choosy about working with those who fit your target market and your skills. And remember this: the universe reflects back to you the most dominant thoughts you have. Do your thoughts support your vision for your business? If not, the consciousness of the thoughts you are putting out there is the first step to changing your negative thought patterns.

Fun vs. Hard Work
Taking care of yourself is imperative. Take at least one full day off (no cell phone, no e-mail) every week. And schedule in some three-day weekends during the year. If you work yourself to exhaustion, you’ll lose your zeal, your focus and your effectiveness. And you won’t be any fun to work with.

Audit yourself now: do you love the real estate industry? Is your real estate practice a reflection of your values and what is really important to you? Those who’ve aligned their core values with their work are truly living.

Real estate is not about survival and selling every day, it’s about service and making a difference in other people’s lives. If you aren’t in that place, do some thinking about what mindset you need to change. You’ll get into the flow and find it all gets much easier.

Look around — people are connecting, having fun and enjoying prosperity. And if they can do it, you can too! Start changing your mindset today and start thriving tomorrow!
Make a Commitment: I will use the steps above to change my mindset and thrive this year by _____________