Who you ‘Be’ is to be engaged with your clients and potential clients in a manner that appears to be ‘all of the time’. This means your way of being must be ‘other focused’ and your listening should be keen on hearing what the other person needs. Why is this so important?

As a professional, you are letting the world know you have expertise in the Real Estate industry that others can count upon. Unlike the multitudes of real estate agents out there without a clue how to communicate, your long term success comes from following your mother’s advice. She said, ‘Remember you have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you speak and you’ll do well with others!’

Being a good listener requires you lean forward into the conversation. Do this on the phone as well as when in front of a client or potential one. When you have truly heard the other person, follow the ‘answer/ask and acknowledge/ask’ formula to be more engaged in the discussion. This simple pattern will communicate to the other person that you are both interested and understanding of his or her particular needs and desires.

As Bob Corcoran always says, ‘Seek wisdom first, then to be understood!’

Once you are clear as to those needs, it is up to you to move the conversation forward into action. Action is based upon your clear sense of what was communicated, so if you need further clarification it is quite alright to ask.

Another way to stay relevant and engaged includes sending articles with handwritten notes that lets the client know you are thinking about them and what is important in their lives. Just the other day, I saw an article about how lenders are now allowing well-heeled buyers to purchase properties of at least $2.0 million with no cash down payment. Instead of forwarding this via email, I printed the article and added a yellow sticky Note with the message, ‘Wow! This new program will let you preserve your capital for other investments and you can still get into that house on Main Street we saw the other day!’

To build the Brand of You requires paying close attention to your clients and their needs…and to provide the kind of world-class customer service no longer commonplace but sorely needed in today’s Real Estate marketplace.