Maximizing Results in the Spring Market

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.” – Robert H Schuller

Someone once asked auto racing legend Bill Vukovich the secret of his success. “There’s no secret,” he replied. “You just press the accelerator to the floor and steer left.”

That is about as simple as you can get. Stop for a moment and ask yourself if you can boil down your real estate business to something equally as simple.

Having trouble? Then it is time for a peek under the hood of your business.

  • Have things become unnecessarily complicated at your office?
  • Has bureaucracy crept in and started making your operations messy?
  • Do you feel like you have lost focus?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, you may have lost touch with the basics. But do not feel bad, it is easy to do these days with all the bells and whistles around.

Nevertheless, repairs are necessary. You need to re-harness those basics and embrace simplicity. If you do not, it could mean plenty of unnecessary headaches and lost business. (Yes, lost business. Consumers do not like red tape any more than you do.)

Here are four areas you can focus on to get things back on track and recapture that sweet purring sound in the engine of your business:

  1. Prospecting – Think of prospecting as pushing on the accelerator. This has to be your number one priority to give your business momentum. To generate speed, make time for prospecting every day — for at least an hour (that all-important hour of power).

    Also analyze what is working and what is not in your prospecting. Constantly compare year-to-year numbers to see how you are doing. There are plenty of ways to prospect, but if you do not keep track of what is working, you will be guaranteed to spin your wheels.

  2. Know your scripts – Look over your scripts. Has rust started to develop? Are they persuasive for today’s market? Do they have the right open-ended questions? Are they exciting? Do they generate interest?

    Scripts are so important that I encourage my clients to practice them every day. Oh, but you say, “Bob, I don’t have time. I’m too busy.” Well, believe me, if you do not know your scripts and they are not powerful, you will end up on the roadside waiting for a tow truck to haul your business in for a complete overhaul.

    We have a free document called “Scripts — The Key to Success” on my website at  Please take a minute to look it over. I think you will find it will help you jump start your scripts.

  3. Review your operations – Engines need efficiency (oil). And when they do not get it, they can wear out quickly. To spot where your office needs oil, take time to analyze all aspects of your operations. Where do you hear metal on metal – those grinding noises?

    Is it a problem of reaching goals? If so, have you set expectations? Are you demanding that accountability reports be used? Is there a communications problem? How often are you meeting with your team or support staff? Make sure everything in your office matches up to your standards.

  4. Think exceptional service – Where the rubber truly meets the road is service.  Sadly, agents sometimes lose sight of the fact that real estate is a service business.  Service is the most important quality you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition in any market – buyer or seller.  You must make exceptional customer service at all levels of your organization paramount. And it has to be seen clearly through the windshield, the side windows and the rear-view mirror.

Make A Commitment: I will win the real estate race – but only when my engine is purring on the basics! I will master the BASICS!

Deadline: _________

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