1. If our house is not being shown, it means agents think our price is too high for that neighborhood.
    Recommendation: A significant price adjustment.
  2. If our house is being shown, but not getting any offers, it means the buyers are finding nicer homes for the money.
    Recommendation: A moderate price adjustment.
  3. If our house is in the running, but the buyers buy something else or if the buyers view the house a second time, but buy something else, it means that the pricing is close to the right point.
    Recommendation: A minor price adjustment.

According to NAR, if our house is priced correctly, we should get one offer for every 10 showings. In a normal market, we should get 1-2 showings a week.

Commitment for the Week:

Show us your commitment by commenting with your thoughts, plan and deadline below!

Make A Commitment: I will review all my listings for accurate pricing.
Deadline: _________

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