One of our clients was recently featured in the Nashville Business Journal! We are so proud of him and his Coach, Ron Alpert.

“In only three years as a real estate agent, Josh Anderson, 45, has made quite an impact. Anderson, who logged $15 million in sales volume in 2007, was asked to join the Agent Leadership Council of Keller Williams Realty, whose members represent the top 5 percent of agents within the office. He is currently the youngest member of the leadership council.

What’s the most interesting project your company is working on right now? The economy has obviously shaken up the real estate community, and although this is certainly a rough time, there are a lot of positives. Interest rates are extremely low, and many people are still moving to Middle Tennessee. The real estate industry is cyclical and overall, this is good for the industry. As for my own business, I have chosen not to participate in the recession. In fact, this market is only making me better at what I do.

What circumstances led you to your current position? I started my real estate career in April 2006. After moving back to Nashville in 2004 and working at an investment bank and local trust company, I realized that I needed to channel some of my enthusiasm and energy into a job more fit for my personality. Real estate was the answer to that calling.

To what do you attribute your early success? My dedication, commitment to hard work, and drive for success have all been the driving factors.”

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