By Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching

A past Corcoran Consulting client, Robert Radcliffe, sent out a blast e-mail with the below information. His preferred Lender, Rick Ellis with CS Private Mortgage Banking prepared the information for him.
A Summary of the Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus by the US Government to Date:

1. BEAR STEARNS – The Federal Reserve assisted a major Wall Street firm in its 3/16/08 purchase of Bear Stearns by providing up to $29 billion in loans (i.e., a backstop) in the event that the buyer suffered losses on subprime assets acquired in the transaction.
2. HOUSING RELIEF – President George Bush signed a housing bill on 7/30/08 that will insure up to $300 billion in mortgages. The bill allows up to 400,000 homeowners to refinance their existing mortgages into new 30-year fixed rate mortgages backed by the government. A qualifying homeowner has to be spending more than 31% of his/her monthly income on the mortgage payment and be currently living in the house.
3. HOUSING TAX CREDIT INCENTIVES – The 7/30/08 housing bill had $15 billion in tax cuts, including a first-time home buyer tax credit of up to $7,500 for home purchases between 4/09/08 and 7/01/09. The bill also contained $4 billion for cities to buy and renovate foreclosed properties in hard-hit neighborhoods.
4. FANNIE AND FREDDIE – Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson announced a plan on 9/07/08 where the government took control of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Treasury Department acquired $1 billion of preferred stock in each company, warrants for 80% of their common stock and pledged up to $200 billion of financial support as a result of potential mortgage defaults.
5. TARP – The $700 billion “Troubled Assets Relief Program” (TARP) was signed into law by President Bush on 10/03/08. The $700 billion was divided between $250 billion to be allocated by the Treasury Department into bank purchases, another $100 billion to be directed by President George Bush (as needed) and $350 billion to be allocated by our next president (i.e., Barack Obama) in 2009 and beyond.
6. TARP + PORK – In order to win Congressional support of the TARP bill, $150 billion of tax incentives were added to the legislation, including changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax law.
7. TARP + BUYING BANKS – Half of the $250 billion TARP money designated for bank purchases went into 9 banks. This $125 billion bought non-voting preferred bank shares with a 5% dividend. The Treasury also acquired $18.75 billion in warrants (15% of the $125 billion) to buy common stock of the banks.
8. TARP + MORE BANK PURCHASES – The other $125 billion allocated for bank purchases will be used to take equity positions in smaller US banks, i.e., not the original 9 big banks.
9. COMMERCIAL PAPER FUNDING FACILITY – The Fed announced on 10/07/08 that it will buy short-term commercial paper through 4/30/09. Eligible issuers of the short-term debt have $1.3 trillion of outstanding commercial paper.
10. TEMPORARY LIQUIDITY GUARANTEE PROGRAM – The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced on 10/14/08 the “Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program.” The plan allows banks and other firms that have been approved to participate and issue up to $1.4 trillion in government-guaranteed bonds with maturities of more than 30 days. The bonds must be issued by 6/30/09. The guarantee lasts no longer than 6/30/12.
11. MONEY MARKET INVESTOR FUNDING FACILITY – The Fed announced on 10/21/08 that they would lend $540 billion to corporations, a plan (“Money Market Investor Funding Facility”) designed to unclog the commercial paper market (source: WSJ, Barron’s).
12. AIG – The original bailout of the nation’s largest insurance company (worked out on 9/16/08) involved an $85 billion loan and warrants that would give the government an 80% ownership in the firm. On 10/08/08, a $38 billion loan was added to the agreement. That deal was reworked on 11/10/08 to a $60 billion loan, a $40 billion purchase of the insurance company’s preferred stock (using some of the $700 billion TARP money), and $52.5 billion to buy other mortgage-backed assets of the firm.
13. GOVERNMENT SPONSERED ENTITIES PURCHASE PROGRAM – The Fed announced on 11/25/08 a program (“Government Sponsored Entities Purchase Program”) to buy $600 billion of mortgage-backed securities and debt from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and the Federal Home Loan Banks.
14. TERM ASSET-BACKED SECURITIES LOAN FACITITY – The Fed launched on 11/25/08 a new program (“Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility”) to lend up to $200 billion to private investors who would in turn buy securitized assets that are backed by auto loans, credit card loans, student loans or small business loans.
15. GM, FORD & CHRYSLER – The 3 largest auto makers in the USA delivered their request to Congress for $34 billion of loans and lines of credit on 12/02/08.