Agent Ramp Up

As a Real Estate Agent, your goal is to help people transition from one home to another as smoothly as possible. We can help you get them there.

The road to GREATER SUCCESS Begins Here!

Our Agent Ramp Up program is tailored specifically for you or your team of listing and buyer agents, whether new to the industry or are a seasoned agent looking for a refresher.

There is 8 weeks of in-depth training that includes Lead Management & Follow-up, Prospecting With Intent, Overcoming Objections, and much, much more.  There is weekly guided Live Role Play webinars polish your technique and internalize dialogue that closes deals. Sharpen your communication skills and learn how to connect with clients and prospects on another level.

We believe success follows accountability, and our expert team is standing by, ready to help you achieve your goals!


What Agents Are Saying About the Agent Ramp Up Program

“I’ve got my first listings thanks to the fantastic training they provide... Be prepared to put in the work because they will not let you slack - just like your clients wouldn’t want you to either.” – Nicholas N.

“The ARUP training has been very beneficial as a new agent. It has helped me overcome objections and given me confidence when interacting with prospects. Awesome stuff!” – Alex M.

How can we serve you today? Call us at 800.957.8353 to learn more, or visit us at To your success!


In A Nutshell

  • Teaches agents to be accountable.
  • Gives agents time-management tools.
  • Empowers agents with great scripting.
  • Helps agents overcome objections.
  • Allows agents to learn from industry giants.
  • Provides networking opportunities with agents around the country.

What Agents Receive

  • 8 Weeks of Video training
  • Bonus Videos to aid in the learning process and industry
  • Scripts and other tools
  • Weekly role play calls and coaches to hold you accountable.

This program is available to listing and buyer agents, whether a Corcoran coaching client or not! For more information please contact us at 800-957-8353 or scroll down and fill out the Journey to Success form and you'll be contacted to get started!

Just received my certificate of completion! Thanks again for all of your guidance. It's my first month in real estate and I already have three closings. I am truly grateful &... more

The Body of The Program

Every week your agent will receive a video with homework that will help them grow their business. As they follow their Ideal Weekly Schedules and turn in their Daily Activity Records, they will be establishing great work patterns. This will help you to mold them into the agent they need to be for the team and for themselves.

Each week they will have an opportunity to gather for a live roleplay call with real-world challenges every real estate professional faces. By the end of the eight-week real estate training program, agents will be a self-managed and self-disciplined team ready to become known as closers.

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