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Take Your Career To Exciting (and Profitable) New Heights With Performance Coaching From The Corcoran Team

Perfecting Performance – Supercharging Systems – Transforming You And Your Business For Maximum Achievement

Corcoran Consulting & CoachingSM will tailor a program for your unique business and marketplace and show you how to implement efficient, easy-to-use systems that will help you work smarter and reinvigorate a passion for your career. Some of the critical topics and areas covered include:

Training, Goal Setting, Planning & Time Management

Goal setting is an art. Time management is a science. You will learn to master both and apply these skills to your business. Together, we will focus on strategic thinking, action planning and the concept of Dollar Productive Activities.

Broker Training

To help your agents "get started" on the right track, we will teach you and help you implement a strong real estate coaching program. A program that you control with all the necessary tools for YOU to coach your agents.

Information Tracking Systems

Information is king and technology is the power behind the throne. Learn how to harness and track this important component to grow your business every hour of every day.

Buyer Agent & Listing Partner Training

Do you know the do's and don'ts of training Buyer Agents and Listing Partners to make them self-sufficient? Learn how to delegate this side of your business and create amazing profit centers.

Administration Training & Team Building

Discover the secrets to assembling and directing a team, all focused on one goal: making you more and more profitable! Learn how to create and maintain self-directed teams.

Accountability Systems

If there is no accountability, there is no growth. Discover how great agents and teams monitor themselves and keep the focus on growth and motivation.

Prospecting Systems

Learn the secret to keeping a steady flow of business coming your way and master the very latest in prospecting techniques.

Advertising Effectiveness

Find out the secret to creating an effective advertising campaign, and how to incorporate powerful advertising in your business.

Lead Generation Systems

From IVR to Direct Response, find out how much your business will prosper with the most innovative lead generating systems available to the industry.

Full-System Implementation

Without systems and the know how to implement them correctly, your business can go off-course like a "rudderless-ship." We’ll work with you side-by-side to get everything implemented and performing at peak efficiency.

Computer and Technology Training

The best software and computer equipment is worthless if you don't use it properly, don't use it to its full potential, or you don't use it at all. Through hands-on training, you'll become master of all of the new technology and programs.

Performance Coaching

The hottest trend for all top producers is having a coach to turn to for advice, inspiration and focus. A coach keeps you on track for success. A coach is always there for you.

"To do some things I dream of, I might have to do some things I would have never dreamed of." - …Earl Nightingale

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