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In order to have a more productive coaching session, it's imperative we know a bit of information about your business. This way we can offer you ideas and systems that will be more effective and efficient, and fill the needs of your business immediately. Your candid responses are necessary. Please fill out this profile in its entirety, if something is not applicable please type N/A.

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Buyer Agents
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Do you have a formal training program for your Buyer Agents? (Optional)
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Marketing and Advertising
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Does Your Website Provide Reports About Who Is Viewing Your Page? *
Does Your Website send information automatically to visitors about the homes they have inquired on f *
Does your support staff participate in your marketing and advertising meetings? *
Support Staff
Technology and Lead Generation
Are you tracking the results of your lead generation systems? *
Tracking Systems
Do you keep a check register of your expenses? *
Do you track your investments? *
Do you report your sales figures to somebody? *
Do you track the things that make you money? *
Are you currently tracking Telemarketing? *
Are you currently tracking Leads? *
Are you currently tracking Lead Generation Systems? *
Are you currently tracking Ad & Sign Calls? *
...Time of day calls come in? *
...Day of the week calls come in? *
...Sales? *
...Source of Calls? *
...Future Buyers? *
Types of Buyers
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