By Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great if your listing presentations were so persuasive that your sellers became like zombies—ready to follow your every command? If your listing presentation could somehow cast a spell on the sellers so that they immediately thought you were the best agent ever to grace the surface of the earth?
I can’t promise my suggestions here will lead to that scenario. But what I am sure of is that after seeing literally hundreds of listing presentations over the past 20 years as a business coach for REALOTRS, I feel like I have a good handle on what works and what doesn’t.
The beauty of a listing presentation (particularly in this day and age of non-face-to-face technology) is that it is indeed a face-to-face setting – a setting where you can bring to bear a whole host of persuasive tools. Being in front of a prospective client is a hundred times better than e-mailing, talking or texting on the phone or conversing via Facebook (or the many other social networking tools) because it gives you a chance to truly win over a client with much more: an actual handshake and genuine smile (and those unfortunately are a dying breed).
I’m talking about proven ways to persuade people when you’re in their presence. Robert Cialdini, a professor of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University, has written what has become a definitive text on persuasion called, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”
Here are some of Cialdini’s concepts that I think will add some serious zing to your listing presentations:
Reciprocity – People tend to return a favor. When you give your prospects something when you meet with them (it can be anything, a pen, a map of the city, school info, etc.), they’ll often feel the need to return the favor – a favor that might be in the form of their listing.
Social validation – People will do things other people are doing. Here’s where testimonials can pay huge dividends. Make sure you have plenty in your presentation. And be sure to include their first and last names and where they’re from – people today are skeptical and need proof that what they’re being told (especially when it comes to testimonials) is true.
Authority -People tend to obey authority figures. To capitalize on this concept, you need to present yourself at every possible turn as a professional with experience and know-how. Make sure your outfit is impeccable and up-to-date. Emphasize your credentials and experience. And, if your numbers (such as days on market and list-to-sell ratios are good) emphasize them as much as possible.
Liking – People are more likely to buy if they like the person selling to them. This is one reason I’m big on hard copy presentations versus laptops. I’ve actually conducted consumer panels and hands-down, consumers prefer hard copy. Why? When agents use laptops, they tend to look more at the screen than the person. As a result, clients feel a coldness and distance from the agent. And don’t skimp on the hard copy. Use bright white and heavy bonded paper that’s bound by something a lot nicer than a staple in the upper left corner.
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