Dennis Conner, the great yachtsman, came be known as Mr. America’s Cup. But he could have just as easily been named Mr. Consistent — he won 28 world championships.

Now, think closer to home. Think of a top producing agent or broker you know. If they’re real top producers they’re not known as one-hit wonders. I bet they bring in the big numbers every month, every quarter, every year, and year after year.

Real winners are often consistent winners. The champs at the Olympic games in Sochi had also won their country’s top prizes and many other accolades and honors leading up to their gold medals.

What is it that keeps those top producing winners on the podium of success in real estate? Over the two decades I’ve been coaching and developing top producers, I’ve noticed four recurring characteristics. Here they are for you to examine, and I hope, adopt for your own business:

1. Quitting isn’t in their vocabulary. Every Olympic medal winner has this in common: not one of them quit. That doesn’t mean they didn’t face difficulties. My guess is they hit troubles that would make most of us wince – the bone-breaking injuries and the soul-crushing setbacks. But they kept going. Sure, if you’re having a rough day or week or even month, take time to gather your wits. But then get back on the battlefield.
2. They analyze their wins and losses. Win or lose, consistent champs take time to dissect the nitty gritty of what went right and wrong — and most importantly – how they can improve. This self-examination is a must. The next time you land a huge listing, analyze it. How did the customer see you as different from other agents? How, specifically, did you please the customer? And, of course, where do you need to improve?
3. They picture their goal with crystal clarity. Remember this: if the goal is clear, it’s easier to focus on. I can’t tell you how many agents I’ve met with a focus problem. They lose their focus more than they lose their car keys. Why? Fear. They’re afraid of setting a goal. Yet, without a goal, they go nowhere. You can say a lot of things about those folks with the gold medals hanging from their necks, but one thing you can’t say is they didn’t know what they were after. Get your goal in front of you and never lose focus on it. And always clearly understand your customers’ needs and then exceed them. Keep finding ways to better serve the unmet customer needs.

4. They’re surrounded by the right people. Ever notice when champions are interviewed after a win, whether it’s a gold medal, an Academy Award or even a spelling bee, they always have people to thank — a parent, a sibling, a coach or a mentor. Someone is always behind them. And without fail, they say they couldn’t have done it without those people. Look who’s on your side and decide if it’s time to get someone new to help you reach your new heights.
Make a Commitment: I will evaluate my situation and mindset based on the items above by _________________.