True leaders don’t try. To try is to fail.

Just by including the word try in any sentence, you are reserving room for failure. This is not a positive outlook. This is not how leaders think or act. At Corcoran Coaching and Consulting, we believe that transforming your mindset begins with erasing the word “try” from your vocabulary completely.

So, are you a tryer? To find out, count how many times you say “try” in a single day. Better yet, team up with a coworker and keep track for each other. Sometimes you’ll say it without even realizing it. And chances are you “try” way more than you thought you did. Now you know—you have a trying problem.

At our BootCamps, we hold everyone accountable for how much they try. Say the word and you’ll have the honor of wearing a stylish ranger hat with the forbidden word crossed out on the stop sign-shaped emblem. Why do we do this? Because it’s imperative that our agents to stop trying. We need them to stop trying with reservation and start doing with confidence.

Let’s do a little experiment right now. You’re probably sitting down as you’re reading this, right? Now, I want you to try to stand up. Go ahead… If you just stood up out of your chair, you failed to do what I asked. You went ahead and stood up; you didn’t try to stand up. That is the difference between trying and doing.

A mind that is free from trying is one that does their best and expects the best outcome. Make a commitment to stop trying and start doing. No longer will you say, “I’ll try to get that to you by the end of the day.” Make a commitment and honor that commitment. Not only will you become more productive, you will become more accountable, reliable and trustworthy.

In the real estate business, trying is dying. To try is to fail. True leaders are doers. They do their best and expect the best outcomes from themselves and from others around them. Commit to doing. Commit to doing your best, always. There’s no room for “try” in the mind of a leader or any successful business person.

Let’s talk about transforming your mindset. Only then will you transform your business.