By Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching

There are numerous prospecting tools or lead generating avenues available to agents and the numbers are growing every day. The question asked the most is, “Which one gets the best results?” The answer is always the same, “All of them and none of them,” because it depends on what effort you put into contacting and following up with the leads. The saying, “you reap what you sow” holds true no matter who, what, where or when you prospect. So you must have a plan of action to contact and follow up with your leads.
Finding good leads takes more than just making a few contacts. It takes creative strategies, phone calls and time blocked into your daily schedule to make prospecting and follow-up calls. All too often when agents get busy with their existing clients, their prospecting efforts take a back burner. Then they come to a lag in their business and have to start prospecting all over again, creating the real estate roller coaster in their income.
Too busy? Consider a virtual assistant as your prospector. A virtual assistant is someone who can increase the performance and effectiveness of your business. While you are working with your existing transactions, a virtual assistant can take prospecting off the back burner and throw it right into the fire, providing you with hot leads on a consistent basis.
The first step in accomplishing this goal is to find the assistant,
and are three places to start to create an action plan for prospecting. In fact, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching used Best Agent Business to provide part-time virtual assistant services to help produce this book. The concept progressed from an idea to a completed paperback in six months.
Decide which tasks you want your “prospector” to perform and which tasks you want to handle yourself. Make it clear what you want them to accomplish. Check in with them at least weekly for status reports. Make it normal protocol to have “staff” meetings one morning each and every week. Discuss which prospecting tools are working and which are not, and improvise your plan depending on your results. Be sure your virtual assistant is using proven scripts so that the message your prospects hear is consistent. Daily lead reports from your virtual assistant are recommended. By holding your virtual assistant accountable for the leads, you will realize greater results.
It just takes a little time, effort and creativity to identify new leads. When you sow consistently, prospecting will bring in a bountiful harvest.
Make A Commitment: I will decide which tasks I want my “prospector” to perform and which tasks I want to handle myself. I will keep in touch with him/her weekly for status reports.
Deadline: _________
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